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Milk Cake Candle Set - Festive Sweets gift Box

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Introducing our delightful Festive Special Milk Cake Shape Candles gift box, a perfect blend of visual charm and captivating fragrance, inspired by the traditional Indian sweet, milk cake. This handcrafted candle is thoughtfully designed in the shape of a milk cake, symbolizing sweetness and celebration during festive occasions.

What sets this candle apart is its enchanting scent, a beautiful combination of white musk and vanilla. As you light the candle, the air is filled with the alluring fragrance of white musk, which exudes elegance and allure, harmoniously blended with the comforting sweetness of vanilla.

The milk cake shape of the candle adds a touch of nostalgia and tradition to your festive decorations. Its intricate detailing and meticulous craftsmanship make it a stunning centrepiece, enhancing the visual appeal of any space. Whether placed on your dining table, mantelpiece or as a focal point on your festive altar, it becomes a captivating symbol of joy and abundance.


  • 100 % Soy wax | 5 pieces Set | Size 8.5 oz | 250g
  • Highly Scented & Long Lasting
  • Notes of Ocean, White Musk and Vanilla
  • Fragrance Oil FREE from phthalates and parabens.

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