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Ghats of Assam candle


5 out of 5 stars

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Ghats of Assam candle

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Introducing our series of candles inspired by Indian culture:

"Ghats of Assam" is a captivating candle inspired by Indian culture, specifically the agarwood oud from the scenic region of Assam. It encapsulates the essence of the mystical and serene riverine landscapes known as the "ghats" in Assam, where agarwood is found in abundance.

The "Ghats of Assam" candle is a celebration of the natural beauty, cultural heritage, and rich traditions of Assam. It embodies the serene and captivating atmosphere of the ghats, where the aroma of agarwood mingles with the tranquillity of the river. Light this candle to immerse yourself in the essence of Assam, feel grounded, and appreciate the unique and mystical allure of Indian culture.

The top notes of the candle carry the earthy and woody scent of agarwood, evoking a sense of mysticism and connection to nature. The middle notes incorporate hints of traditional spices like cinnamon and clove, which are reminiscent of the aromatic and flavorful cuisine found in the region. The base notes of the candle exude a subtle sweetness, reminiscent of the lush tea gardens that adorn the landscape of Assam.

Soy Wax Blend


  • 4 oz | 113 g, single booster wood wick matte black tin with lid.
  • 6 oz | 170 g, double wood wick matte black tin with lid.
  • 8 oz | 226 g, single booster wood wick matte black jar with metal lid.

Customer Reviews

Aarti S

5 out of 5 stars

I am in love with this candle. It has a warm smoky smell that fills a room in a way only the most expensive do.


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